Eastern Iowa Sports 2019 Baseball Tournaments        
Each event will be run according to the rules of USSSA Baseball. The exceptions to the rules are listed below.
*No Bat Boy's or Girls will be allowed in 2019!! This change is due to insurance liability issues.
ENTRY REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS should a team desire to drop out of a tournament once the application has been received and the entry fee check has been deposited. However, there are rain out refunds as follows.
 If a tournament is canceled due to bad weather, a $100.00 administration fee is subtracted from all re­funds. A full refund, less administration fees, if no games are played. Half refund, less administration fees, if one game is started. No refunds once a second game has started.
BETWEEN INNINGS: A maximum of 90 seconds, or 5 warm-up pitches, will be allowed between innings with timing started upon the 3rd out. The umpire shall keep time. Automatic strikes may be called on offensive teams not ready,
 and automatic balls may be called on defensive teams not ready, after the umpire has directed teams to play.
EJECTIONS: Any manager, coach, player or fan ejected from the game must leave the park and may not return for any reason until the next scheduled game. If the same person is ejected for a second time, he or she will not be allowed into the park for the remainder of the tournament. Failure to comply with this rule will result in forfeiture of the game. Noisemakers of any type are not allowed. Razzing, heckling, or making disparaging remarks towards opponents, in any manner, is pro­hibited. As the rules indicate, the matter of disorderly conduct will be taken very seriously. The tournaments that your team will be participating in will include some of the finest baseball organizations in the country.
The level of competition will be high and at times fierce. Because of this please remind your team and parents to be extra aware of good sportsmanship.
GATE ADMISSIONS: All Eastern Iowa Sports Tournament will have Pre-Paid Gate Fee, Gate fees are due before your first game. Full refund of Pre-Paid gate fee if the tournament is canceled. 1/3 refund of Gate fee if the first or second day of play is canceled completely.
DUGOUTS: A MAXIMUM of three adults per team are allowed in dugouts. Only two coaches are allowed outside of the dugout at any time. Absolutely no glass items are allowed in the dugouts. Team water coolers are allowed, unless provided by the tournament site. Teams must pick up trash and debris in the dugout before departure from all games.
FOOD / BEVERAGES I PETS: No food, beverages or personal coolers are allowed to be brought into the park. Pets are strictly prohibited by city ordinance.
PITCHERS RETURNING TO THE MOUND: Any pitcher removed from the mound upon the second visit by a coach or manager in the same inning, may not re­turn to the mound in that game.
DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Any disorderly conduct, threat of, or act of violence, shall result in the removal and arrest of the responsible individual(s). Any person on the premises who is intoxicated, shall also be removed from the complex by the local police. Any person(s) removed under these circumstances, shall be prohibited from entering park grounds, including the parking lots, for the duration of the tournament. Upon such ejection’s, refunds will not be given to any such individuals.
TOBACCO: Use of tobacco products is prohibited on all fields and in the dugouts during any game.
FIGHTING: Should any player, coach or team member take part in any fighting; those individuals shall be ejected from the tournament on the first occurrence. Should any member of the team subsequently become involved in a second Incident of fighting — the entire team shall be ejected from all further participation in the tour­nament.
PROTESTS: All protests will be resolved immediately. Only managers may protest. Judgment calls by umpires may not be protested. Upon a protest, a manager shall re­mit a $100 protest fee. If the protest is upheld, the $100 shall immediately be re­funded. If the protest is denied, the deposit shall be forfeited. The tournament director and his designee, in consultation with the officials of the game, shall resolve protests.
AWARDS: Awards will vary depending on the tournament event. However, individual awards will always be presented to all players of the top two finishing teams.
USSSA Rules Click Here

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